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their initial investment within 9 months"

The REAL secret to become part of the 1% right now, TODAY...

I educate entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors how to properly use bitcoin to build their business, wealth, portfolios and conviction to hold bitcoin long term.

Here's the hard truth, what you grew up knowing to be true is changing drastically.

You see that Bitcoin is all over the news, you see that the price of Bitcoin is going up, countries are warming up to Bitcoin more than ever before and you dont want to be too late.

The mission of this What Is Bitcoin Mastermind is to bring you the real life experience in learning with me as your guide.

In the mastermind you will not only learn what I teach on my course but you'll also have the opportunity to have your questions answered in real time, which is an enormous advantage because you cut down the static in your brain around a topic on the course, and you don't have to worry about tracking me down for your answer.

And, if you're ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL... and make 2022 your ACCELERATOR year...

Justin got us in Bitcoin at $9k,we're almost at 7 x He's da truth
-Sabrina Abraham



Here's What's Inside
"Bitcoin Mastermind"
The Bitcoin Mastermind is a lifetime access online program that's designed to help you do these five things:
  • Understand the wealth mindset and how the 1% has leveraged systems (while you can too).
  • Quickly build systems that work with you
  • Create a profitable Bitcoin investment vehicle so you can focus on building and planning for your future
    MODULE 1:  History of bitcoin
    In module one, we're going over the history of bitcoin, how it works, who created bitcoin, mining, best wallets to use, and how to secure your bitcoin

    You'll learn how to leave all your fears behind and learn how to identify a scam before getting scammed!

    Less that 2% of the global population know how to secure their Bitcoin.

    MODULE 2: How to Secure Your Bitcoin
     Learn about the various ways to show how to buy bitcoin, use of bitcoin ATMs, three of my favorite places to buy bitcoin, and how to properly use a QR code

    And the GREAT NEWS is...

    I've made it EASY for you

    And you're getting my step-by-step roadmap for doing that...so you'll be able to understand the system to work in your favor!
    MODULE 3: Bitcoin for Business
    You'll learn how to accept bitcoin for your business, how to do so in a decentralized way and a centralized way. We added our newest section to the model, the "lightning network".

    I've got a simple formula that guides you through the EXACT process... so it's easy and stress-free.

    So, if you don't have any clue how to use Bitcoin, create leverage, or even understand your current accounts, don't worry, because I've got you covered in this module.
    MODULE 4: Diversify Your Crypto
    How would you like if you knew how to properly search crypto? Finally understand NFTs and the platforms you can use to build one.

    Interested in other cryptocurrencies, this module will show you exactly what you need to do.

    We'll work together to develop a unique system that works for you.

    This is basically where you'll learn how not to fall for pump n dump schemes,

    Plus, You're Also Getting...
    Bonuses Worth Over $9,247 !
    (and get 92% off today only!)

    BONUS #1:
    Bi-Monthly group coaching sessions

    When you enroll in Bitcoin Mastermind today, you'll get  live group coaching calls every other week.

    Imagine how FAST you'll be able to accelerate your Bitcoin knowledge with LIVE instruction...

    Simply by having the TIME and ATTENTION... focused 100% on YOU...


    ...and YOUR success!

    Look, I'm putting my time on the line for you to take action.

    So, take advantage of this special limited time offer.

    This is $1,597 (VALUED AT OVER $20,322) or 3 payments of $597.

    But really having the power to answer all of your questions and problems instantly...well, that's really priceless, isn't it?

    So, get started right now.

    Don't procrastinate, because YOU WILL miss out. Spots are going to fill quickly!

    BONUS #2:
    Private Community Access to Bitcoin Mastermind

    Our Bitcoin Mastermind is a community like no other. Combined with that you will be learning with a community of nothing but highly motivated professionals, investors and entrepreneurs from different industries, which can open up major networking possibilities.

    Sessions will also include some personal development material as well.

    BONUS #3:
    Support from Justin and His Team 

    Research says that the #1 factor that keeps us on track with our goals is being surrounded with the people who believe in us and challenge us.

    That's why you have me and my team, in addition to other like-minded individuals who will do exactly that for you — believe in you, challenge you, and fuel you through the ups and downs.

    You've got direct access to me and my team not only through our private channel but you've got me via email, group coaching calls, and inside the Bitcoin Mastermind

    BONUS #4:
     Access to The Bitcoin Mastermind Vault

    We're giving you a library of videos, templates and tutorials to take the guesswork out of getting started!

    We're talking done for you swipe files, asset templates, onboarding templates (and more!)

    No more guesswork needed!
    What Everyone Is Saying About The Program

    "I've made $16,764 in 41 days since I started the program.

    I’m so grateful, I really see my life changing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ELLE WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOU."

    Roma - Social Media Strategist

    "Elle literally gives more than my 10k college tuition"

    Brianna F - YouTube Strategist

    - Sabrina Abraham, her investment
    group, "the big bank tribe", were my first mastermind clients, and all of
    them Septupled their initial investment.
    When the timer hits "ZERO,"  this page will expire... and no more discount... and no more payment plans.

    I'm limiting the number of people I let in because I've decided to keep the program small.

    This way, I'll be able to answer your questions better and give you my undivided time and attention.

    With that said, click the button below and enroll right now!
    The Bitcoin Mastermind is the CURE for anyone struggling with their Bitcoin & building their legacy. Here's what you can expect out of this program...

    This is for You if You Want To...

    • ​Know the best way to invest your Bitcoin.
    • ​Finally have the clarity you need.
    • ​Get a personalized plan that’s tailored to your goals and needs.
    • ​ Stop worrying about what will happen if you don’t have enough money for retirement. 
    • ​ Build generational wealth for your family.
    • ​ Have the power to make your own financial decisions.

    Not for You If....

    •  You can't afford it
    • ​ You are a 9-5 worker that doesn't make over 75K
    • ​You are are still on the fence
    • ​ You aren't willing to take a risk
    • ​ You are  attached to EVERY dollar you have.
    Got Questions?
    See some of our most common questions below
    Is it really lifetime access?
    Yeah, It's only a one-time payment for $1597, $597 for 3 months, or $300 for 6 months 

    So, even if you get busy even in 2-3 years' time, you'll still be able to tune into the weekly coaching calls, view the modules, have 24/7 access to the Bitcoin Mastermind, regular Masterclasses, the resource vault etc!
    Is this right for me?
    Whether you're just starting your business or you want to take it to the next level, if you're a 9-5er, service based biz, or entrepreneur and you're serious about building out the real wealth of your dreams, then this is the solution you've been looking for!
    How many others attend the coaching calls?
    Our coaching sessions are online and we like to keep our sessions as high quality as possible, so don't worry, it won't be overcrowded!

    They're also hosted at a time that will work with everyone's timezone and the sessions are recorded, so you can watch the replay in your own time if you can't make it live.
    How long is Bitcoin Mastermind?
    The Bitcoin Mastermind goes for 12-weeks, but that doesn't mean that once those 12 weeks are up, you're out! 

    You'll have COMPLETE access to absolutely everything mentioned above. The program is designed as an accelerator, so you'll have the tools and framework you need to take your finances from 0 to 60.
    What's your cancellation policy?
    There will be no refunds. This is a LIVE program where my time is on the line for your success.
    How much time will I need to allocate towards the program?
    If you can allocate at least 1-2 hours/week for 12 weeks, you'll see serious growth. Or you can extend it to 2 hours a week. This is meant as a practice for you to develop the habit.

    The best part is that you can do this program at your own pace because you'll always have us here to support you along the way.
    P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal:
    So To Recap, Here's What You'll Get with Bitcoin Mastermind:
    I’m offering you ALL of these power packed resources that will be a game changer for your personal & business finances
    • The History of Bitcoin($3,897 Value)
    • ​How to Buy Secure  ($2,597 Value)
    •  Bitcoin for Business ($1,297 Value)
    • ​Diversity Your Crypto ($1,597 Value)
    • BONUS #1: Life changing Group Coaching and Training 2x in a Month
    • BONUS #2: Private Community Access to The Bitcoin Mastermind
    • BONUS #3: Support from Justin and His Team
    • BONUS #4: Access to the Bitcoin Mastermind
    TOTAL VALUE: $20,332
    That's $9,247 in FREE BONUSES (and get 92% off today only!)
     for just enrolling today.

    The Bitcoin Mastermind  ... (and all of the awesome bonuses that comes with it) will not be available for long.

    So, if you want to get 4(yes, I said FOUR) amazing bonuses worth over $9,247 per year... for FREE.
    Yes, Justin! I Want This
     Limited Special Promotion, and Get 
    $9,247 In Bonus Training FREE!
    P.S. In case you skipped to the P.S. here's the down low:

    After This Mastermind You Will:

    1) Have a solid conviction in what bitcoin how it works, how to secure it, which is all need for long term HODLing.
    2) Be up to date on all bitcoin news and updates
    3) Increase your professional and entrepreneural network.
    4) Have access to my Bitcoin network as well.

    Now it's time to decide!

    The most important question to ask yourself...

    6 months ago, you wanted to know to learn more about Bitcoin, earn money and live on your own terms...

    6 months from now, where will you be?

    This program can help. 

    Get started with Bitcoin Mastermind Now!
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